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You want to find another cheap sites to buy your fifa coins ? It’s sure that you want. Then, in the following websites are what I’ve recommended for you after comparing their prices and advantages among all the sites of buying fifa coins. At there, you will find the best suitable sites for yourselves.

  • Top 3 Way to Get FIFA 16 Coins

  • Posted on 2016/04/28 by admin
  • 1. FUT DraftOnce you create an account on FIFA 16, you will get a free FUT Draft token, which can be used online or single player. During Community Week, there is also a FUT Draft token that is free. Entering FUT Draft matches, you can get 50k - 100k coins even that you leave the match alone. And then you can sell the perks and rewards for 5k coins at least, and transfer these coins into your main account.2. Better Performance, Better RewardsAll of the gamers know that one of the easiest way to

  • Changes of Transfer Market During FIFA 16 TOTS

  • Posted on 2016/04/25 by admin
  • Maybe the prices of most players will go down. But it seems this year is different. In the beginning of TOTS, some players’ prices maybe increase to compensate previous weeks’ speculation.There will be some cards that are not wanted even with the min price, and also some cards that can’t be founded because that the owners are not willing to sell.Stage 1 - Before TOTSThe prices of players will go down several days before TOTS, because most gamers gonna sell their cards to prepare TOTS. Beca